creative project statement

For my creative project, I attempted to create my own ASMR video -- note the word “attempted”. After watching countless hours of ASMR videos, formally referred to as autonomous sensory meridian response, I assumed that making my own content would be relatively easy. My goal was to make a sound assortment, a type of video... Continue Reading →


final website self-assessment

What changes did you make over the course of the semester, and why? The main changes I've made this semester are mostly aesthetics; I've changed the background color multiple times and the general set up of the posts until I was happy. I originally wanted to have a gray/light green setup, but I naturally love... Continue Reading →

rough draft: ASMR research paper

ASMR Research Paper Outline (rough draft) Introduction 2011, I was looking for a relaxing video when I couldn’t sleep and stumbled across a nurse roleplay video. I was weirded out by it but the strangeness only inspired me to do further research After reading into it, I found that the video I watched was ASMR... Continue Reading →

about this site

my name is alice, and i'm a student interested in media studies + all things surrounding it! this website is my little world to put any work related posts into. currently, i'm working on a semester-long project in my FILM208 class focused on ASMR (those videos with the people whispering to the camera) and the... Continue Reading →

annotated bibliography

Alice Bodge Dr. Allison FILM208 28 October 2018 Annotated Bibliography Ahuja, Nitin K."“It Feels Good to Be Measured”: Clinical Role-Play, Walker Percy, and the Tingles." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, vol. 56 no. 3, 2013, pp. 442-451. Project MUSE, doi:10.1353/pbm.2013.0022 Ahuja looks into ASMR and its core concepts, comparing the tingles one experiences to Walker... Continue Reading →

ASMR: autonomous sensory meridian response

In seventh grade, I typed “relaxing video” into YouTube after spending hours trying to fall asleep. I saw the typical rainy noises or zen music suggestions, but one video in particular struck my interest: “Nurse (soft spoken)”. At this point, I was quite familiar with the YouTube culture and the videos created, but had never... Continue Reading →

website self-assessment

How are you feeling so far about the process of making a website? How pleased are you with how things are going thus far in the process? I'm content with the process! It hasn't been intimidating and I've felt like I've made it my own, which is pleasing. What are your goals for your website... Continue Reading →

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